Prajwal Padmanabha


Prajwal Padmanabha

My name is Prajwal Padmanabha. I am from India. I'm currently a PhD student working with Dr. Amos Maritan and Dr. Sandro Azaele at the Laboratory of Interdisciplinary Physics , University of Padua, Italy. I graduated with a Masters in Physics from IISER Kolkata in 2020. Right now, I'm working on theoretical ecology and applications of non equilibrium statistical mechanics in ecosystems. I'm also broadly interested in various types of complex systems and their applications. Outside of this, I love reading and playing board games. I also try to learn at least one new thing outside academics always (which currently is conveniently Italian).

You can find a list of my ongoing and past projects at the Projects page. Click here to see my CV (last updated - April 2021).